Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow Place Like Utah!

Here's more pictures from our trip (taken in Scott's backyard).

Monday, February 18, 2008

Stephanie Lee Lee

We got home late last night from our short visit to Utah for my sister Stephanie's wedding. We got to stay with Clay's brother, Scott, and his family in their beautiful home in Sandy. Cole loved getting to spend time with his boy cousins, and especially enjoyed their big playroom.

The sealing was on Saturday at the Salt Lake Temple. The ceremony was beautiful and Stephanie and Brandon were both very emotional. Speaking of emotional, the moment they walked 0ut of the temple and Cole saw Stephanie in her white dress, he started crying and crying. He said he was going to miss her (she's moving to Idaho) and that he liked her better in a shirt and pants.

Although it was freezing outside, the white snow everywhere made everything so picturesque. And of course to Cole, the snow was amazing to look at, play in, and even to eat.

So now Stephanie and Brandon are married, and Stephanie is no longer a Cazanave, but a Lee, which I have to mention because her middle name is also Lee!

I love you, Stephanie!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

30 weeks

This picture doesn't really capture the enormity of my belly. It is quite huge now and there's still two months left to grow. At my Dr.'s appointment this last week, I was able to keep the Dr. in the room long enough to ask him about the c-section (since I had a c-section with Cole, having one with this baby is pretty much my only choice, which I don't mind.) He told me that I can pick any day the week of April 14th to have the baby. Clay and I have chosen the 14th, because why wait a day longer?

I love everything that Cole says. We went to the duck pond yesterday and when we first arrived he asked, "Why does so much water fowl live here?" Another comment that made me laugh was when he was emptying out a pencil sharpener and, referring to the little pencil shavings said, "Oh look, some drift wood." Incorrect as this may be, I thought it was fantastic.

Clay has submitted applications to USC, BYU, and Kansas (Kansas? Well, it's supposed to have the #1 MPA program in the country.) Right now Clay has a long-term sub position at Sierra Vista High School with special needs kids (the previous teacher had a nervous breakdown.) He actually really enjoys it.

My little sister, Stephanie, is getting married next Saturday in the Salt Lake Temple. So last week we all went to the temple with her when she received her endowments. It was so wonderful. We are very excited for our little road trip to Utah and getting to stay with Clay's family, Scott and Kaelyn, while we're there.