Friday, September 24, 2010

This Speaketh to my Soul!

I'm a bit behind the times. My sister Stephy had recommended this video a long time ago, and I have just recently become obsessed with it (especially love from 3:15 on). This is Jon Schmidt, best pianist/composer on the planet!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fantastic Four





These four boys have spent soooo much time together over the last two years! They have had COUNTLESS play dates! We have loved all the fun outings to the park, the beach, the movies, and even California Adventure. And we have loved their sweet mom, Jaime, who has been the most wonderful friend to me!!!!

So how sad for us...a few weeks ago Brayden and Brodee moved away...far the other side of the country! And they took their parents with them too.

We miss them so much! Have fun on your new adventure guys!


I knew Cole had been taking a framed photo of me and him to school everyday. I had assumed that he was keeping it in his backpack, just to peek on every now and then. But a couple weeks ago when I had to go into his classroom and sign him out in the middle of the school day, there it was sitting atop his desk, angled towards him, for the whole class to see. I then realized that this picture had been lovingly displayed there EVERYDAY! He is not ashamed of his love for his mother. Bless his sweet little heart!

Just for Kicks

Cole started his first season of soccer a few weeks ago. His team name is the Green Swords but he was pushing for the name the Green Craniums. Oh well. On opening day there was a banner parade where all the teams walked down the track with their banner. It was super early in the morning and TONS of people were there, although not a very good showing from Cole's team. Cole loved the parade and LOVED learning all the funny names for the other teams like Super Sonic Killer Bees, and Grass Stains and Toxic Waste.

This is Cole at his first game, taking an orange slice break. He's really happy to be trying out soccer this year. His only struggle is losing focus on the game! He very easily starts daydreaming. I was telling him today to only think about the ball: Cole, you want the ball, you want to destroy it, you want to KILL IT WITH YOUR FOOT! Poor kid, he just doesn't have one competitive bone in his body. He seems to be having a good time though, so that's all that I care about.

Luke is enduring soccer season as best he can. We always bring Luke's ball so he can practice soccer too, but he usually prefers wandering around or picking some random spot of gound to lie on.