Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aren't cousins the best?

Cole and Luke had so much fun at their cousin Sage's 5th birthday party. This girl has lived soooo far away for way too long, and will now be living a lot closer. Hooray! Her party was at Grandma's house which is a superb location with ocean views and a swimming pool. When we first got there, Cole got to pick out a kite and Luke got to pick out some bubbles. It wasn't super windy outside, but the kites did great and Cole loved it (he's been asking to fly kites for forever).

Opening presents in the cool rec room after a delicious lunch.

Picture with Grandma.

After some swimming, it was time for birthday cake.

Luke keeping his eye on the cake.

After cake the kids had fun playing together with Grandma's toys.

Cole, Blake, and Sage

Fun with cousins

A couple weeks ago, Cole attended "Camp Grammy 2010: Fun in the Sun". My mom had wanted to do something special with the older grandkids while everyone was on summer break, so this is what she came up with. She decided to invite Molly, Annie, Olivia, Ben and Cole to spend a few days at her house with no parents. Cole loved "camping out" at Grammy's. My mom was so sweet to take care of these 5 children and provide them with non-stop entertainment. Of course she did have the help of her assistant camp director, my brother Mikey (what a sport he was!!!). Together, they took the kids to parks, splash pads, on picnics, swimming (night swimming too), museums, out to restaurants and more. My mom always says she isn't crafty, but she even had a craft for them to do.

While Cole was enjoying camp, Luke and I stayed with my sister, Amanda. We had so much fun spending time with her and her little boy Connor. Luke and Connor are such good little buddies.

Amanda got them some matching clothes.

It was fun taking them on little errands.

It was a constant cycle of play, get messy, take a bath. I think they ended up taking at least 3 baths a day!

And one day, when Amanda was out, I couldn't resist staightening Connor's hair. I LOVE his curls, but I was just too curious...

It was super tough because the heat of the straightener was making Connor's head sweaty, which made his hair start curling again. He was so sweet to let his silly aunt mess with his hair.

Thanks for playing with us Connor!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A low-key 4th of July

This 4th of July was the first in a long time that I didn't feel worn out by the end of the day. It being Sunday, we didn't do a whole lot. Our community had a little celebration at a nearby park, so after church we decided to go for a nice stroll down to the park. We just sat on the grass and watched the high school band perform their songs and enjoyed each other's company.

This Silly Boy

This boy who likes to go into the fridge, pull out a carrot, and start munching and chomping

also likes to say, "Cheers" anytime he has the same thing as someone else (be it meatballs, or like today, two plastic cows)

and can't resist going into his aunt Katie's jewelry box and modeling its contents

and likes to make hot dog-applesauce surprise

and likes to dress up as half one thing, half another, (in this case, half prince/half baseball player)

and likes to diaper his chimpanzee and take it to the park for the other kids to be amazed by

and INSISTED on wearing these various wrist bands to bed...well this boy's name is Luke.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Mormon Battalion

Cole's last day of kindergarten came and went and now it's onto summer break!!!! It is such a relief! After we picked him up on his last day of school we headed straight to my parents' house to see their new place. It was so nice relaxing with them and they were so nice to take us to see the newly revamped Mormon Battalion Visitor Center. I highly recommend visiting! The tour is totally geared for little kids and much more "disneyland-esque" (lots of special effects!)

Cole and Luke (with lots of other kids on the tour).

It was great to have my parents there to help keep Luke from wandering all over.

A very heavy musket.

Panning for gold.

You get to keep your two best peices.

The view at the top.

Thanks for the fun outing, Mom and Dad!