Sunday, April 19, 2009

Growing Pains

We have an appointment to register Cole for kindergarten tomorrow. As I've been going through his registration packet, making sure we have all the right documents and that everything is filled out, I feel the same pressures as if we were putting together college applications for him. Sounds silly, but we are not guaranteed admittance into the public elementary school that our address is assigned to. Everyone seems to want to go to this school. The fact that, in years past, parents have camped out on the school lawn the night prior to registration, makes this pretty clear. This year, the school is not allowing anyone to camp out. Instead, students are chosen through a lottery. Everyone has such great things to say about this school and most of this kids in our ward primary go there. I really want Kindergarten to be a wonderful experience for Cole, as any parent would. I guess that since the picking of students is done lottery style, making the writing on the application perfectly neat and being sure none of the pages are wrinkled won't really help Cole get in. But still as I was getting his papers together, I had the slight urge to spray some perfume on them or do something to make his application stand out.
Another part of this process, the painful part, is that Cole had to get immunizations, or his "kinders" as the nurse called them, a cute name for something so heart wrenching. He and Luke both had to get immunizations that day, Luke for his 1 year appointment. I told Cole that he wasn't allowed to think about the shots until I told him he could (which I was never planning on giving him permission to do.) He's really good about following rules like this. So all morning, he wasn't allowed to think about it, on the drive to the doctor's he still wasn't allowed to think about it, and not until the nurse brought in two trays with syringes on them, was Cole unable to suppress thoughts of shots any longer. When he saw them, he began crying. We had Luke go first. Luke's screams in response to being poked 3 times were not encouraging for Cole. Two nurses were there, giving the injections, and when it was Cole's turn, a third nurse had to come in to hold crying Luke for me, so I could hold Cole who was falling to pieces. It was torture to watch Cole go through this. I just held to him as tightly as I could, and we buried our heads into each other. He kept crying out things like, "Don't do this to me, don't do this to me" and "I want to go home". As soon as the nurse said that the injections were all done, Cole immediately said through his tears, "I'm much better now, oh I'm so much better". We are both so releived that Cole never has to go through "kinders" again! And once he got his ice-cream and new Cars toy, the vaccinations were all but forgotten. Whew!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter! The day before Easter, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Larson's for an easter egg hunt with Steve and Breanne and Doug and Rebecca. Doug and Rebecca and all their 5 beautiful girls had driven all night and all morning long to spend easter and spring break with the Larson's. It was so great to see them. I'm always so impressed by their girls. And of course, we always love to see Steve and Breanne and Blake and Malia!

On Easter Sunday, I had to get a picture of my handsome boys in their new easter clothes. Cole is so funny--when I told him that we needed to get him a new outfit for Sunday, he thought it was very unnessesary. I explained to him that his easter clothes from last year were getting too small. He responded that that was okay because he could just wear the pants as shorts now and for the shirt, he could just roll up the sleeves so no one could tell how the sleeves don't reach his wrists. I had to laugh at this major difference between little boys and little girls.

I hardly ever come across a picture of myself where I can say, "Hmmm, I think I might like this picture. Yes, I think I love it actually." So even though Luke isn't looking at the camera, it is here in this post because Mommy looks pretty:)

Once we went back inside my Mom's house, Luke was ready for the pants to come off, and apparently some play time in the cupboard.

We had a nice Easter dinner at my sister Emily's house, followed by an easter egg hunt put together by my dad. My sister Stephanie and her husband Brandon flew down to stay with my parents for Spring Break. We loved spending time with them. Cole love's Stephy so much!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


On Luke's actual birthday, April 5th, we went on a little outing to the duck pond.

Luke's 1st Birthday

Luke and cousin Connor had their first birthday party. These prince crowns were the inspiration for the event.

Our budget was small, of course, so we had fun doing "home-made" decorations.

Tip: Clay had the great idea of using wrapping paper for the paintings instead of butcher paper. (Butcher paper only comes in gigantic rolls that cost $50-$60. I have since found small rolls of "banner paper" at Walmart that work great too.)
The smaller guests needed crowns to wear too.
A very inexpensive activity: face-painting! Luckily, the kids requested very simple things, like a heart on the forehead.

Here's Connor, then Luke, "slaying the dragon".

The dragon meets its doom. (This is my little bro. Mikey.)

My original plan was to make a castle cake. I had never attempted one before but the directions I had seemed pretty fool-proof. The castle didn't make it, and I ended up with just one 8x8 rainbow cake. So...we cut the little cake that was left into two little crowns for each of the boys to dive in to. (We had grasshopper pies for everyone else.)



We wrapped things up (or rather unwrapped things, hehe) with opening presents. Luke would like to thank all of you for the wonderful gifts, especially the new clothes that he needed so desperately. Cole chose Luke's gift from us, 2 bettas. Hopefully I can keep up with our growing number of pets!