Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just some pics. from Easter

Okay, slowly but surely catching up, just two months behind.
We had a lovely Easter doing all the traditional things. First the boys found their Easter baskets. One of Cole's gifts was the 5th Harry Potter movie that he and Clay have been reading

And among Luke's little goodies was a light saber

We did an egg hunt out front

And then dyed some eggs. When I told Luke we would be dying eggs he said, "But then they won't be alive!" Funny boy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Luke's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe Luke is 3 now! His birthday was in April and to celebrate we had a party at my sisters house. It was a combined party for Luke and his twin cousin, Connor, and cousin Ben who was turning 4 that month.

The kids were so excited to play in the spider-man bounce house

But Luke preferred playing upstairs with some of Ben's toys.

We had a batman pinata

and then it was on to opening presents. Among his gifts was a big stuffed alligator that turns into a sleeping bag which he has slept with every night since.

Cakes never turn out how I plan them too, and this one ended up being a superman cape.

Ready to blow out the candles.

Luke finally warmed up to the idea of jumping in the bounce house.

And once it was time to leave, it was hard to get him and Cole off :)

Coach Pitch

Cole really enjoyed playing coach pitch this spring. He did a great job playing for the Diamondbacks!
(The day before these pictures, he had a spill on his bike, hence the nose injury. When I checked out his nose a little while later and said, "Oh Cole, your poor nose", he said back shamefully, "I know, it's the British Isles".)

Here he is with his good buddy Bennett.

Playing ball...

Coming home

So proud of his trophy. Go D-Backs!

St. Patrick's Day 2011

Clay has been so into holidays this year. On the morning of St. Patrick's Day, Clay had fun green hats and beads set out on the table for the boys.

He also put together a treasure hunt for them. Here they are looking for the next clue.

At the end were little paper treasure boxes filled with gold nuggets.

Luke loved wearing his green bowler hat to the school that day and getting lots of attention from the other kids.

We ended the day with green eggs and ham. Pretty silly.

A costume party?

Okay so Clay's birthday was in March. We celebrated his 34th at his parents house immediately following the talent show (in the previous post).

For his birthday, he wanted the kids to have some gifts too. So he ordered some really fun costumes for them. Here they are:

Buzz Lightyear

Dobby, everyone's favorite house elf (complete with pillow-case shirt)

And Harry Potter.

Just a little chicken

Oh to be faithful in keeping a blog. The hours usually reserved for blogging (8:00-11:00 pm) have a way of turning into sleepy time or catching up on reality tv time. Anyway, I'm not giving up and I'm hoping to spit out a few more posts tonight.

So back in March was the elementary school's talent show. Cole wanted to participate again this year and he and Clay actually had his act all planned out months in advance. He sang a song in Spanish called, "Los Pollitos" which means "the little chickens". It's a cute little song about a momma hen taking care of her baby chicks.

We were so happy to have my mom, my grandma, my sister and her boy, and Clay's parents come up this way to watch his performance. Cole did a great job and his costume was a show stopper in itself.

Something I want to remember about this night is how happy Cole was afterwards. He was so pleased with his performance and having his family there, and especially excited that we were going straight to grandma and grandpa's house for the weekend immediately following the show. ON the walk from the auditorium to the car, he was bursting with joy. He said things like, "Mommy, I'm just so happy. I just don't know what to do, like seriously, what am I going to do, I'm so happy. I'm gonna explode!" He's always a happy kid but this was beyond happy. He was completely elated and it was so fun to see.