Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here's the cousins, Connor and Luke, on their official birthday.

A wonderful Easter weekend

We started our weekend with a visit to Clay's parents' home. The boys really enjoyed walks on the beach with their grandparents, and just looking out the window watching the water and boats and bikers and trains.

Luke loved the cake that Grandma made for him (and for Clay).

Opening some presents.

The next morning was Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny hid Cole and Luke's baskets, but they found them pretty quickly.

Nothing like a chocolate bunny for breakfast.

Later, some more family came to visit for an Easter feast. Here's Cole with his little cuz.

Then it was on to a triple birthday party/Easter celebration at my sister's house. The party was for Luke and his twin cousin, Connor, who were both turning two, and for cousin Ben, who will be turning 3 in a few days.

Cole and Luke helped me paint lots of eggs to hang on the walls. If you look closely, you can see Cole's "CTR" egg.

Ben really wanted a Cars cake so my sister made one. Luke was really excited about it too. He had been talking about his "ca cake" that "Em a me" (Emily) was going to make for days. Great job, Em!

Each of the kids were given bunny ears to wear. Some liked modeling them and others (the little guys) were not in a bunny ear sort of mood :)

These blue cynch bags were from Joann's craft store. I traced some easter designs on them and had the kids color them with fabric markers.

Then the kids used their bags for the easter egg hunt which took place at the nearby tot lot.

They had such a great time! Luke liked to stop and eat the contents of one egg before moving on to hunt for the next one.

Then we went back inside to open presents.

This year we got Luke a soccer play set thing. He likes to talk about kicking balls so hopefully this will be fun for him.

Clay had a birthday

Clay recently had a birthday and turned 33! I wish we could have made his actual birthday more fun. Like last year, he had to go to work and then straight to his night class. The boys and I visited him at work to drop by a balloon and some treats to share with his co-workers.

We gave him this card to put on his desk, which seemed very appropriate, seeing as he worked through his birthday.

He picked out this gift for himself. He's been wanting an eliptical for a while now so he's very happy about it.