Monday, January 18, 2010

Change of Scenery

We spent another fun weekend with family. It was my niece's 6th birthday so while we were in the area we stopped by to see Clay's parents' new Condo. It's gorgeous with a great view.

We took a short walk to the beach with Cole using his new scooter. (He really likes this scooter now and love's to tell people how good he is at riding it.)

The boys had fun throwing rocks in the water.

Grandpa and Luke.


Back at the beginning of the school year, we wanted Cole to get involved in sports, but realized that we had totally missed the registration dates for soccer, and t-ball wasn't going to start until Spring. So, we decided to sign-up at the YMCA for some of their classes that would be fun for Cole until T-ball begins. They offer a YouthFit class that Cole really loves. He calls it his fitness class and it's just a lot of running around for about 45 min. plus some games.

He also goes to the kids' Yoga class. The room is very dark and very quiet. The teacher insists on this and she even has them meditate at the beginning of class. Needless to say, Luke and I usually go for a walk during this time. Cole enjoys it though.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year's Day

Clay was able to get some discounted park tickets through his work so we celebrated New Year's Day at Magic Mountain. It was all the boys' first time there and they had a lot of fun! Also, by coincidence, my dad was there with all the youth in his ward (it was a reward for those who had read the Book of Mormon last year). It was so fun to get to see him and my mom and Katie and Mikey.

We spent most of the day in Bugs Bunny land where we rode on this ride Tweety Bird style. The grown-ups all looked so silly in the cages (or maybe Clay and I were the only grown-ups riding.)

Part of the reason we had such a great time was because we never had to wait in line. We could just walk right onto any ride we wanted.

Luke went on tons of rides too. He usually had a very serious look on his face.

Cole and Luke as Elmer Fudd.

Thomas Town actually just has 2 rides. Cole got to ride on Percy over and over. Every time the ride would end, all the kids would say, "One more time, one more time!". And away they would go.

The other ride is Thomas, complete with coaches Annie and Clarabel. It's a nice slow train ride where you get to see Tidmouth sheds and the animal farm and Brendham Docks and such.

There were fun family rides that we all went on together and some that were really pretty thrilling. Cole went on this ride, Ninja, 5 times! I was shocked that he wasn't terrified by it. When I rode with him, I was the one screaming and he was just smiling and laughing.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Advice

I got to help out in primary today. During sharing time, the teacher took out a mirror that had the words "I am a child of God " taped to it. She had one of the young boys look into the mirror and asked him, "What does the mirror tell you?" He responded, "That I'm a child of God and I look good."

I love this answer! I think we all should say it everytime we look in the mirror. Say it with utter conviction. I am a child of God and I look good!