Sunday, December 28, 2008

The best of both worlds

The children's museum had a snow day. There's nothing like playing in the snow in 70 degree weather!

Father of the Bride house

I had heard from some ladies in our ward that the "Father of the Bride" house wasn't too far from here. So I took the boys for a little car ride to try and find it and voila...there it was! I'm a huge fan of the movies so this was really exciting for me.


OK, so this has been done many times, but I can't resist...
Two sets of new Christmas pajamas: $28.00

Stocking stuffers: $10.00

The Screamin' Banshee Cars Toy: $33.00

Fisher Price animal circus train: $27.00

Eating Grandma Suzanne's warm, out of the oven cinnamon rolls dripping with gooey frosting: Priceless

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got your back

Luke is 8 months old now. He and Cole were laying like this all on their own and I had to capture it!


My sister Emily had her 5th little baby on November 24th. Her name is Ella May. She is so beautiful and tiny. Cole and Luke and I stayed with her all last week to "help out". Hopefully we were helpful.
Cole had a wonderful time with them; going to the park, doing Christmas crafts, putting on the play "Hansel and Gretel", playing in their big backyard and jumping on their trampoline, and always having someone to play "brother and sister" with. The 3 year old, Olivia, was so funny while we were there. She was amost always holding onto Cole and saying things like, "I'm so in-love with you" and "I have a secret crush on you".
A few times I took the kids, minus the little babies, on some outings and it was quite an experience simply because of people's reactions to me. Having 4 or 5 little kids with you as you walk through a grocery store is seemingly quite a spectacle. I got looks of pity, sympathy, etc. and lots of "whoa, you've got your hands full" looks. It gave me a greater appreciation for what my sister must go through every day.
She is an amazing mom and by the time we left she was totally ready to go solo and probably looking forward to it!


We spent Thanksgiving with Clay's family this year. Steve and Breanne, Clark and Liesel, and Mark were all at his parent's house for the festivities. The food was wonderful and Breanne made the table look so festive with her sparkly pumpkins and candles, and turkey place cards for everyone!