Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've been telling Clay lately that I really need a treat on Sunday nights, a sort of reward for being a good girl all week. And especially since it's such a relief once primary's over (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my calling!) I just need to indulge on Sunday nights. So today Clay brought home 5 almond Symphony bars, my favorite candy bar. They're not just king size, they're, ya know, that gigantic size. To make sure they last 5 Sundays, I've told Clay he'd better hide them!


We went to a train museum this weekend. The boys were mildly impressed. I thought it was a nice way to spend a couple hours. We tried to convince Cole that sometimes it's nice to go see a place, just for the sake of seeing it and being able to say, "Yeah, I've been to that place." Then the whole car ride home, Cole ranked all the places he's been out of 5 stars. Disneyland got 5 stars, and so did his grandma's houses. The train museum got 3 stars.

Luke, waiting for his train ride. (His curls have been buzzed off since this picture.)

On the ride. Notice the watch Luke is wearing. It's Cole's Cars watch, but Luke wore it constantly for about 3 days.

Luke on Clay's shoulders and patting the sides of his face,

still patting Clay's face,

patting too hard (I love the face Clay is making.)

Our last stop, a trolly.