Monday, September 5, 2011

Cole's birthday (celebration #1)

Cole turned 7 this year. Somehow he ended up having a few different parties. The first was a small celebration the evening before his birthday with just his mom and dad and brother. We had donuts (which has kinda become our tradition--making a whole cake for just the four of us isn't really necessary.) And then he opened his presents from us and both of his grandma's.

One of his gifts from Grammy Susie was a pillow pet. It's a brown bear that Cole named "Penny". He loves Penny so much.

One of his presents from Grandma Suzanne was the complete second season of Avatar: the last airbender. Our family loves this crazy, silly cartoon.

And Clay thought it would be fun for Cole to have his own bow and arrow. A nearby park has an archery area with haystacks and targets that anyone can go practice on.

We sure love our 7 year old!

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